Pick the 80s Movie from the Dialog 1

Guess the movie from the dialog provided...


Wait a minute, are you telling me that this sucker is NUCLEAR?

War Games
Red Dawn
Back To The Future


Joey, have you ever been to a Turkish prison?

48 Hours
Blues Brothers
Stand By Me


My name is Joel Goodson. I deal in human fulfillment. I grossed over eight thousand dollars in one night. Time of your life, huh kid?

Risky Business
Wall Street
The Secret of my Success
Real Genius


Cross over children. All are welcome. All welcome. Go into the Light. There is peace and serenity in the Light.

Bright Lights, Big City
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Mr. Mom


This is my rifle. This is my gun. This is for fighting. This is for fun.

The Terminator
Full Metal Jacket


Wyatt, your kitchen is blue...!

Weird Science
Real Genius
Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Sixteen Candles


You see that building? I bought that building ten years ago. My first real estate deal. Sold it two years later, made an $800,000 profit. It was better than sex. At the time I thought that was all the money in the world. Now it's a day's pay.

Wall Street
48 Hours
The Secret of my Success


You know what I got for Christmas this year? It was a banner fuckin' year at the old Bender family. I got a carton of cigarettes. The old man grabbed me and said Hey. Smoke up Johnny.

St. Elmo's Fire
The Breakfast Club
The Outsiders
Less Than Zero


If I could only have one food for the rest of my life? That's easy. Pez. Cherry flavor Pez. There's no doubt about it.

The World According To Garp
Lean On Me
Stand By Me


I never fucked anybody over in my life didn't have it coming to them. You got that? All I have in this world is my balls and my word and I don't break them for no one.

Wall Street
Full Metal Jacket
The Outsiders


Chicks dig me, because I rarely wear underwear and when I do it's usually something unusual. But now I know why I have always lost women to guys like you. I mean, it's not just the uniform. It's the stories that you tell. So much fun and imagination.

The Blues Brothers
Beverly Hills Cop II
Teen Wolf


It's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Planes, Trains and Automobiles
The Blues Brothers


Had my dream again where I'm making love, and the Olympic judges are watching. I'd nailed the compulsories, so this is it, the finals. I got a 9.8 from the Canadians, a perfect 10 from the Americans, and my mother, disguised as an East German judge, gave me a 5.6. Must have been the dismount.

When Harry Met Sally
Back to School


Mr. Grady. You were the caretaker here. I recognize ya. I saw your picture in the newspapers. You, uh, chopped your wife and daughters up into little bits. And then you blew your brains out.

The Shining
The 'burbs


And I want the rest of you cowboys to know something, there's a new sheriff in town. And his name is Reggie Hammond. So Y'all be cool. Right on.

Beverly Hills Cop
48 Hours
An Officer and a Gentleman

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