Pick the 80s Song from the Lyrics 1

Pick the song from the lyrics provided...


Oh, oh, we're right, yeah

We're free, yeah

We'll fight, yeah

You'll see

Cum on feel the noise, Quiet Riot
We're Not Gonna Take it, Twisted Sister
Video Killed the Radio Star, The Buggles
Hell's Bells, AC/DC


Some of them want to use you

Some of them want to get used by you

Heart of Glass, Blondie
Fast Car, Tracy Chapman
Safety Dance, Men Without Hats
Sweet Dreams (are made of this), Eurythmics


It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you

There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do

Africa, Toto
Babe, Styx
Easy Lover, Phil Collins
Matter of Trust, Billy Joel


Are you happy, are you satisfied

How long can you stand the heat

Out of the doorway the bullets rip

To the sound of the beat

Livin' on a Prayer, Bon Jovi
Another one bites the Dust, Queen
18 and Life, Skid Row
Alive and Kicking, Simple Minds


If you like making love at midnight

In the dunes of the cape

You're the love that I've looked for

Come with me

Legs, ZZ Top
Abracadabra, Steve Miller Band
Escape (The Pina Colada Song), Rupert Holmes
Tempted, Squeeze


I dial it in and tune the station

They talk about the U.S. inflation

I understand just a little

No comprende, it's a riddle

La Isla Bonita, Madonna
Rhythm is gonna get you, Gloria Estefan
Rock Me Amadeus, Falco
Mexican Radio, Wall of Voodoo


Say it loud

Say it clear

You can listen as well as you hear

It's too late when we die

To admit we don't see eye to eye

Living Years, Mike and the Mechanics
Groovy kind of love, Phil Collins
Modern Love, David Bowie
Time After Time, Cyndi Lauper


Some boys try and some boys lie but I don't let them play

Only boys who save their pennies make my rainy day

True Colors, Cyndi Lauper
Vacation, Go-Go's
Material Girl, Madonna
Cruel Summer, Bananarama


I've been in love and lost my senses

Spinning through the town

Sooner or later the fever ends

And I wind up feeling down

Let's hear it for the boy, Deneice Williams
I Wanna dance with somebody, Whitney Houston
Don't you forget about me, Simple Minds
Free Fallin', Tom Petty


Then it's easy to believe somebody's been lying to me

But when the wrong word goes in the right ear I know why you've been lying to me

It's getting rough, off the cuff, I've got to say enough's enough

Funky Cold Medina, Tone Loc
Games without frontiers, Peter Gabriel
One thing leads to another, The Fixx
Love Plus One, Haircut 100


Now I see I'm up to no good (no, no, no)

And I wanna start again

Can't remember when I felt good (baby)

No I can't remember when

The Look, Roxette
Mad About You, Belinda Carlisle
And We Danced, The Hooters
Only in my dreams, Debbie Gibson


Hummala bebhuhla zeebuhla boobuhla hummala bebhuhla zeebuhla bop

Just a Gigolo, David Lee Roth
Don't Worry Be Happy, Bobby McFerrin
Bad, Michael Jackson
Safety Dance, Men Without Hats


Accidents will happen they all heard Ricky say

He fired his six-shot to the wind - that child blew a child away

Welcome to the Jungle, Guns n' Roses
Wild Wild West, Escape Club
18 and Life, Skid Row
I Ran (So Far Away), A Flock of Seagulls


I love myself

I want you to love me

When I'm feeling down

I want you above me

Heaven is a place on earth, Belinda Carlisle
I Touch Myself, Divinyls
Edge of a broken heart, Vixen
Crazy for you, Madonna


It's natural

It's chemical (let's do it)

It's logical

Habitual (can we do it?)

It's sensual

Weird Science, Oingo Boingo
I Want Your Sex, George Michael
Invisible Touch, Genesis
Don't Know Much (But I know I love you), Linda Ronstadt

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