NFL Quiz 1

Test your knowledge of NFL history...

(Please note: This quiz was written 5/2008 so if any records have been broken, etc. since then, they will not be reflected in the questions.)


Which running back retired before the end of the '66 season to star in the movie 'The Dirty Dozen'?

Roman Gabriel
Jim Brown
Gale Sayers
Mercury Morris


Which team in the 80s developed the 46 defense and used it all the way to the Super Bowl?

New York Giants
San Francisco 49ers
Chicago Bears
Minnesota Vikings


In a 1958 game, Alan Ameche of the Colts ran for a touchdown to win what some people consider to be the greatest game ever played. What was special about it?

It was the first overtime game
It was the first time a player had a rushing, receiving and passing TD in the same game
It was the first time a player ran for over 200 yards in a game
Ameche broke his leg early in the game


Which running back set a record with a 5-touchdown playoff game in January 1994?

Barry Sanders
Jerome Bettis
Emmitt Smith
Ricky Watters


Who was the only "pure" kicker in NFL history to win the MVP award?

Morten Andersen, Falcons
Adam Vinatieri, Patriots
Robbie Gould, Bears
Mark Moseley, Redskins


The Redskins' Wide Receivers, Art Monk, Ricky Sanders and Gary Clark were collectively known as what?

The Gang
The Posse
The Crew
The Mob


What Packer's player celebrated his "off the field" exploits in a book called 'Football and the Single Man'?

Paul Hornung
Donald Driver
Ray Nitschke
Don Majkowski


What great running back set an NFL record with 14 100 yard games in a row?

O.J. Simpson
Barry Sanders
Terrell Davis
LaDainian Tomlinson


Which of the following quarterbacks played in the Championship game in every one of his 10 seasons?

Otto Graham
Bart Starr
Johnny Unitas
Fran Tarkenton


What linebacker in the 90s set a single game record with 7 QB sacks?

Greg Lloyd, Pittsburgh Steelers
Junior Seau, San Diego Chargers
Derrick Thomas, Kansas City Chiefs
Ken Norton, Jr., San Francisco 49ers


At the time of the NFL-AFL merger in 1970, three of the following teams agreed to move from the NFL to the AFL to form NFC and AFC conferences with 13 teams each. Which of the following was already an AFL team?

Pittsburgh Steelers
Baltimore Colts
Oakland Raiders
Cleveland Browns


What quarterback knocked himself out of a game by head-butting a wall after a touchdown?

Kerry Collins, New Orleans Saints
Gus Frerotte, Washington Redskins
Doug Flutie, Buffalo Bills
David Carr, Houston Texans


Which of the following was NOT a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers' steel curtain defense?

"Mean" Joe Greene
Jack Ham
L.C. Greenwood
Dwight White


Who was the first quarterback to throw for over 4000 yards (4007 to be exact) in a single season?

Joe Montana
Ken Stabler
Roger Staubach
Joe Namath


What 40 year old quarterback led the NFC in passing in 1974 (his 18th season)?

Johnny Unitas, Baltimore Colts
Sonny Jurgensen, Washington Redskins
Fran Tarkenton, Minnesota Vikings
John Brodie, San Francisco 49ers

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