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TV 1    [EASY based on 2836 votes]

Calling all couch potatoes! Here's your time to shine...

Main Category: TV   Date Added: 06/02/2009

The Simpsons 1    [EASY based on 842 votes]

Don't make Homer say D'oh! Just get all the questions right!

Main Category: TV   Date Added: 11/02/2008

Match the character to the show 1    [EASY based on 2835 votes]

Do you know TV characters? Find out here...

Main Category: TV   Date Added: 09/16/2008

Match the Simpsons Character to the Voice    [EASY based on 364 votes]

Ok, this is a tough one. Youll need to be a hardcore Simpsons fan to get all of these correct.

Main Category: TV   Date Added: 05/27/2008

Sitcom Quiz 1    [EASY based on 2260 votes]

I love sitcoms. Do you? If so, click this quiz...

Main Category: TV   Date Added: 05/26/2008

80s TV 1    [EASY based on 1405 votes]

I promise there'll be at least one ALF question... What more do you need?

Main Category: TV   Date Added: 04/30/2006

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